The Reality behind politics in the West.

This is not just some common or garden corruption of the political and social processes in Australia. It is the clear and stated policy and long-term plan of the Global Elite who control the World. This small group of families who prefer for obvious reasons to remain in the shadows, pull the strings of the economic controllers of the World. You may have heard of the Bilderburg group;the Club of Rome;the trilateral Commission. These periodic gatherings determine economic and financial policies for the good of themselves and their masters – not for the good of people of the World. Who are the masters? They are known by a number of names, the Illuminati ; the Cabal, the Global Elite; the Free Masons.
These handful of families are sitting on hundreds of trillions of dollars and long ago bought all the governments of the Western World. The mainstream media of the West is owned and controlled by them.
So once one understands these crucial facts, it should no longer surprise one that the Abbott government or the Obama government are governing for those same masters. Hence the fast pace of globalization of the world economy (code for increased centralization of world economy and finance making for more complete control). The Corporatization of national governments which means in practice rule by Transnational corporations.One could go on. But if you have read this far , you will be seeing the picture.
For your own research , try putting the following topis and names into Google; The new World Order; the Illuminati; Rothchild; Rockefeller ; Bush family; Agenda 21,